Biggest Promotion during MARCH EXPO


1:Up to 20% Off

(base on down payment received)


A:Order $5,000,get $100 off+$50 spare parts


B:Order $10,000,get $300 off+$100 spare parts


C:Order $20,000,get $600 off+$350 spare parts


D:Order $50,000,get $1500 off+$800 spare parts


E:Order $70,000,get $2000 off+$1000 spare parts


F:Order $100,000,get $3000 off+$1200 spare parts


2:50% shipping discount for worldwide.


3:Extend the warranty to 2 years


More orders,more discount and free spare parts.


Please contact us following for purchase and we will give you reduce for your orders!!!




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